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ПочетокФилмовиДетали за преговорите помеѓу Marvel Studios и Sony за филмските права на...

Детали за преговорите помеѓу Marvel Studios и Sony за филмските права на Spider-Man!

Караници, солзи и разбирање, Kevin Feige и Amy Pascal споделуваат детали за нивните преговори кои се одржале пред 2015 година!

Сите информации се од енциклопедијата The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe со Tara Bennett и Paul Terry.

Amy Pascal била убедена дека Kevin доаѓа да им помогне со изработка на The Amazing Spider-Man 3:

“With a good sense of how they would like to handle the character, Feige was ready for his lunch with Pascal. What he wasn’t ready for was Pascal’s reaction to his proposal. The meeting was in her office at Sony. As expected, Pascal wasted no time in expressing her strong desire to have Feige be more directly involved, creatively, in the making of Sony Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Excited about the ideas her team currently had, Pascal said she would send Feige the latest draft. ‘About halfway through the delicious sandwich that she had brought in, I said, ‘Amy, in all fairness, it’s not gonna work,” shares Feige.”

Како Feige всушност ја презентирал понудата на првата жена во Sony Pictures:

“‘We’ve sort of done that before. And I don’t think I’m particularly helpful there.’ But Feige wasn’t done; he had a counterproposal: ‘The only way I know how to do anything is to just do it entirely. So why don’t you let us do it? Don’t think of it as two studios. And don’t think of it as giving another studio back the rights. No change of hands of rights. No change of hands of money. Just engage us to produce it. Just pretend it’s like what DC did with Christopher Nolan. I’m not saying we’re Nolan, but I am saying there is a production company that is doing this pretty well. Just engage the services of that production company to make the movie.’  Pascal was taken aback.”

Amy се налутила и веднаш го избркала од собата, или можеби фрлила сендвич по него???

“‘At first, I was super resentful,” she admits. ‘I think I started crying and threw him out of my office, or threw a sandwich at him – I’m not sure which.’ Then she started to think it through. ‘By the fifth [Spider-Man] movie, we weren’t giving them anything new. And I have to be honest about it, we were trying so hard to be different, we even went into places to be different that we shouldn’t have. We weren’t fresh anymore.'”

Покрај малку размислување, дошло до заедничко разбирање:

“Pascal continues, ‘The lucky thing is, Kevin and I come from the same place in terms of how we love Peter. I’ve been working with Kevin on Spider-Man movies since Sam Raimi’s. He would come to the meetings, get everybody coffee, and he never said a word for years. Which makes you love somebody because then when they do open their mouth, you realize that they’ve been thinking all the big thoughts and are really smart, but never had to hear themselves talk.’

Pascal called Feige back the next day after their lunch. The concept of a collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios had not left her mind. After hearing his specific thoughts on what to do with Spider-Man in the MCU, she admits, ‘The idea of putting him up against a world where everybody had everything and he had nothing was a whole new way of telling his story. I thought, ‘Goddamn, that guy’s smart.””

Стигнавме до моментот да го гледаме третото издание на Spider-Man во филмскиот универзум на Marvel, добиваме и нови корици за ексклузивното списание на Empire Magazine:



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